Getting Started in Bitcoin & Crypto | The Ultimate Beginners’ Guide

How to buy & sell bitcoin & crypto in a simple, step-by-step video walkthrough to help you start investing plus an easy intro to crypto & blockchain concepts

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Phase 1 - The Warm-Up

  • Internet 2.0
  • What is Cryptocurrency and Blockchain?
  • What Makes Cryptocurrency Secure?
  • Popular Cryptocurrencies and Utilizations
  • Cryptocurrency Regulation and Taxation

Phase 2 - The Set-Up

  • Setting Yourself Up For Success
  • What to Know Before Investing in Crypto
  • Crafting Your Crypto Investing Strategy
  • Crypto Security and Crypto Wallets
  • How To Store Crypto & Wallet Setup

Phase 3 - Time To Invest

  • How To Sign Up for Coinbase
  • How To Choose Which Crypto To Invest In
  • How To Buy Crypto on Coinbase
  • How To Move Crypto from Coinbase to Hard Wallet

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An easy-to-understand, step-by-step beginner's guide on how to get started in cryptocurrency. The course is created for anyone interested in cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and blockchain technology. 

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Here's what you get:

  • 3-Phase Online Video Course, complete with checklists, instructions and other downloads. Step-by-step video instruction with simple (and short) videos.
  • 3-Months Free of the Dchained Membership where we provide you with educational guides, expert analysis, and members-only discounts across crypto sites.
  • Access to our Dchained Community Private FB Group where we will do live Q&As every Tuesday at 7PM Eastern to answer any and all questions you may have about your cryptocurrency and Bitcoin investing strategies.
  • Dchained Social Intelligence Investing Platform, a social listening tool that enables members to identify how investors are discussing & reacting to cryptocurrency in real-time so they can make smarter decisions ahead of market movements.

At Dchained, we take pride in providing cryptocurrency and Bitcoin education and tools. We want nothing more than for you to be successful in this space. We want to help you harness the future by learning about and investing in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

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You're about to discover the easiest step-by-step video guide to start buying & selling Bitcoin on the planet. Your journey starts today.

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